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Daybreak Kids

Daybreak Kids exists to help our kids and families learn about Jesus and love Him.  As a church we are commited to have the The Safest, The Most Fun and The Most Jesus Centered ministry to kids that we can have at every stage of growth our church reaches.


Safety: As parents of kieki who are in our ministry, the safety of our children is a top priority.  All of our volunteers are background checked and are a part of regular training.  Additionally, each of our classrooms are designed to be age appropriate: from toys, to structure, to weekly activities.

The Most Fun: Here's what we believe: Boring kids with The Bible is straight criminal!  The GREATEST story on earth ought to live up to it's name- it should be communicated in ways that are engaging, exciting and creative!  We teach our kids about Jesus through lessons and activities that are visual, tactile, and developmentally specific.

Jesus Centered: As a church we believe that the whole Bible points us to Jesus.  We strive each week to teach our children the same thing.  We use curriculum that is age specific for each of our classrooms to teach through the Bible and to point to Christ at each step of the way.  To see our curriculum break-down check out the Kid's Classrooms page.