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Get Connected

Whether you're brand new to Daybreak or have been attending Sundays for a while and are looking to get a little more plugged in, 3 of the primary ways to get connected in Daybreak Church are to join a Gospel Community, find a ministry to be a part of or serve in, or jump into a seasonal class/ book study.  Check out a the descriptions below and follow the links provided to get connected!  We also have digital connect card at the bottom of this page if you'd like one of our staff to follow up with you directly.





Gospel Communities

Gospel Communities are what we call our mid-week community groups.  Gospel Communities or "GC's" are smaller groups who meet throughout the week in a neighborhood setting.  Our groups are intergenerational, and are made up of singles, families, married couples, aunties, uncles, students, and children.  We believe that like a healthy family- our differences in life stage and age are a gift that help us grow stronger together.

What Does A Typical Gospel Community Gathering Look Like? Becasue each group is made up of different people, each is unique.  But there are three things that each community tries to do together weekly: Eat, Learn, and Pray.  We usually share a meal and spend time catching up.  We then are commited to grow together by learning through discussion, prayer and building meaningful relationships.


find a gospel community and sign up here





We have a number of ministries desigend to meet the needs of our Daybreak Church ohana as well as to serve our broader community.  If you're new one of the easiest ways to meet people and get plugged in is to find a place to serve or to jump into a group.  Women's Dwell, Men's Bible study, or if you're a teenager- our Daybreak YOUTH are great places to check out.  Whether it's Sunday morning or throughout the week, we have a number of different ministries and teams that provide a solid start to getting connected.


Check out a ministry or team to serve with here: HTTPS://DAYBREAKHAWAII.CHURCHCENTER.COM





From time to time Daybreak will have seasonal classes or book clubs that provide an opportunity to grow around a specific topic, as well as build meaningful relationships.

Check out any seasonal classes/ book studies here: HTTPS://DAYBREAKHAWAII.CHURCHCENTER.COM