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Kid's Classrooms

Each of our Kid's Classrooms are designed to be age-specific from activities, lessons and even the structure of the room.  We provide Kid's ministry from ages to 3 Months through 6th Grade.  Below is the break-down for each class.


Baby Beams: 3 Months- 24 Months. This is a nursery setting with intentional playtime (or naptime) with loving volunteers, cribs, rocking chairs, and play equipment like exer-saucers and tunnels for our older babies.

Lil' Breakers: Toddlers 2- 3 Years Old. A super energetic class setting with opportunity for imaginative play, enthusiastic volunteers and exciting lessons.  We begin our curriculum with Lil' Breakers who have a monthly memory verse, movie-based Bible story, crafts and snacks.  We utilize Orange First Look curriculum which emphasizes that God Made Us, God Loves Us, and Jesus Wants to Be Our Friend Forever.

Bright Lights: Pre-School Kinder 4- 6 Years Old. Our First Flashes are an active class who take learing and playing to the next level.  Imaginative lessons, hands-on learning and intentional volunteers make this class a blast!  This class also uses Orange First Look as their primary curriculum.

Daybreak Kids: 1st- 3rd Grade 6- 9 Years Old. Our youngest school-aged class begins our Gospel Story for Kids curriculum.  In addition to activities and crafts, they work through the Bible starting in Genesis and Ending in Revelation, emphasizing Jesus as the hero with each story.

Daybreak Kids: 4th-6th Grade 9- 12 Years Old. Upper Elementary continues the Gospel Story for Kids curriculum, but at a deeper level.  As these students learn, they are also being preppared for transition into our student ministry.  They also have the opportunity to begin serving together, as they may volunteer with an adult in our younger kid's classrooms once a month.