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Serve In Daybreak Kids


We would love for you to help in serving our kids and families by volunteering to serve in Daybreak Kids!  Here are a handful of things you should know:

  • IMPACT As a church this is one of the most important ministries we have.  You have the opportunity to jump in and make an imediate impact in the lives of keiki and their families.
  • SCHEDULE You know that fear that if you sign up to serve in Kids that you'll be there forever, and nobody will ever come get you (like being locked in some sort of dungeon and somebody threw away the key)?  Yeah, we all had that same fear too (shhhhh don't tell anybody).  So we've created schedules with clear comtiments and on/ off ramps so that you can serve our kids as a regular part of your church life, but not the only part of it.
  • NO EXPERIENCE? While we have a good handful of volunteers who are teachers in various capacities or who have a background working with children, there are just as many of us who have learned as we go!  Parents, engineers, business owners, students, single, married, young and (ahem) more seasoned in life- we've got all kinds of people who make up our fantastic team.  Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to jump in and serve- especially if you're not a pro!
  • THE BIBLE One of the most valuable parts of being a volunteer and helping lead in one of our kids classrooms is that you get to learn the Bible!  For many of us, we wish we knew more about Scripture- and for many of us, that keeps us from serving.  But, it shouldn't!  We've got a great curriculum that not only engages and teaches our kids, but it helps us understand Jesus and the Bible as volunteers too.  Some of our favorite Daybreak Kids teachers have grown deeper in their faith as a result of teaching in one of our classrooms.


Ready to take the plunge?!  You can contact our Kids Coordinator Annie Groves with any questions, or to jump in and get started.