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What To Expect

We Gather In An Open-Air Church Building

Depending on how you grew up, this can either feel cool or feel kind of weird.  We like it.  It offers us a cool place to worship in, good space for our families with little kids, and the location is central for families from the Windward or Town Side.


We Love Jesus, Not Religion

While we love Jesus and actively seek to be His followers, we don't consider ourselves "religious".  This means that it may not necesarily feel "churchy" when you come in- which again depending on where you come from, might be a relief or might feel a little weird.  Either way, what you'll find is a warm community who is gathered to worship.  At our core we're a group of outsiders who come each week with questions, doubts and struggles and we seek to find our hope, joy and comfort in Jesus.


Dress Is Comfortable

You'll find that for the most part we dress pretty casual.  We believe that God cares primariy about our hearts and not about what we're wearing, so we encourage you to come dressed comfortably.  Shorts, slippers, tanks, t-shirts or aloha attire are all good.


We Like Creativity, Hymns And The Bible

From food, to music, to art- we celebrate creativity as a church.  Sundays have a creative feel to them as we seek to sing with new melodies and engage with Gospel truth that hits our hearts in fresh ways.  Even though it may not sound like it at first listen, you'll notice that many of our worship songs are actually hymns.  Hymns teach us a lot of great truths about who God is and who we are.  Plus most were written hundreds of years ago and connect us to a rich history of others who also followed Jesus.  We also like the Bible.  We learn from it every Sunday.  If you've got one, bring it with you.  If not, no worries we've got one you can use.  You can even take it home with you.


Will I Be Asked to Give Money?

Nope.  For those who call Daybreak their home church, we do believe that regular & joyful giving is a part of our worship.  But if you're a guest with us, we don't want your money- just come be a part of our worship gathering.


Should I Bring My Kids?

Absolutely.  We love our keiki!  Each Sunday we have a Kids Classes for your child to be a part of.  They will typically run around outside, learn a Bible lesson and engage in activities that fit their age group.  We typically have our keiki in our worship gathering for our singing time at the beginning of the morning and then they are dismissed to go to their class.  You're also welcome to keep your kids with you in the worship gathering if you'd like to do that.


Other Questions?

If there's anything else we can answer, we'd love serve you.  Send us an email at and let us know what you're thinking!