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Our Story

While we are a new church, the truth is that our roots go way back. Not only as we stand on the shoulders of faithful believers before us, but also because Daybreak comes from a long history of churches that plant churches- a value we continue to hold.  We began in 2015, formed from a church that had roots a couple generations old and a younger church plant that was vibrant and growing.

We began to see that God was bringing together a beautifully different kind of family.  A family that is committed to Christ and His ongoing work in our hearts.  A family that comes from different backgrounds, cultures, and generations.  A family that has a lot of fun together and stands with each other in the dark seasons too.  A family that loves the neighborhoods and communities God has placed us in and the friends we have who don't yet know Jesus.

We would be the first to tell you God has been incredibly faithful. He's given us tons of grace and leads us together now in what we hope will be a foundation in our community that points to Jesus and displays His goodness for years to come.  We get excited that Daybreak is the beginning of a whole new chapter in the life of God's church.  It's a story He's been telling for hundreds of years- He's been telling it in the location where we gather each week and throughout our lives- and it's a story that has brought us here; to this new beginning.

"Behold I am making all things new" - Jesus